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#9, RE: CSI: New Avalon - Locard's Exchange comments cont..
Posted by Kendra Kirai on Apr-06-04 at 12:19 PM
In response to message #7
>>Gryph et al got all of
>>the characters perfectly, except for Catherine...she *is* normally a
>>little more bitter about everything.
>I just don't buy that. Either I'm watching a different show than you
>guys are, or I haven't gotten to the part where Cath is all bitter and
>stuff, or something, because I look at her and I don't see that.

Well, mostly it's when her ex shows back up and she gets jerked around by guys later on. She has a lot of reason to be bitter.

>>We didn't get to see the doctor (I can never remember his name...) in
>>this 'episode'.
>Nope. He wasn't needed; there was never any question how any of the
>victims in this particular case actually died. (That doesn't mean
>they weren't autopsied, but there were no surprises, and thus no
>reason to give Doc Robbins any screen time. He's got some in episode
>2, though.)

I didn't really think he was needed, just stating that he was awol this time. :)

>>But I was under the impression that the
>>symbiote creature from Oni mostly works when there's damage to the
>>body that needs repair..It didn't sound like Depew had gotten hurt at
>>all during his first scene.
>Not having bullet holes in him isn't the same thing as not being hurt
>at all. Every time a person exerts himself, he does damage on some
>level; that's why people are sore after exercising. (In fact, that's
>how exercise works; you make the muscles work harder than they really
>want to, in the process harming them somewhat, and they get stronger
>in the healing process.)

That's an excellent point.

>It's entirely possible to get through a level of Oni without
>getting Konoko too badly banged up, either, but she still evolves at
>the end.

Well, I think that has something to do with the (if I recall) unskippable story piece which has her, kind of...melting.

>>As a note, that is being completely nitpicky, and having nothing to do
>>with the story,
>When you have a thought like this, and you know it's a thought like
>That's the time when you don't post it.

At least I didn't make an entirely new post to do it, right?