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#9, RE: (CSI:NA) I know what you're thinking.
Posted by Wedge on Apr-05-04 at 05:56 PM
In response to message #6
>>Fortunately for you, we have Chad Collier - and that means you don't
>>have to.
>Nicely done, Chad. I particularly like the extra detail work -
>Grissom's photo ID and Sara's badge. :)

Thanks, everybody. :)

Now that they're posted, I'm half expecting a phone call from William Peterson asking in a bemused voice if I'm the guy who put ears on him...

Chad Collier
J. Random Pixel Pusher
Digital Domain
The Captain of the Gravy Train
"Well, uh, yes sir, Mr. Petersen, I am, but in fairness, you oughta see what I'm doing to Eric Szmanda."