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#24, RE: UF's 25th anniversary...
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-13-16 at 03:24 AM
In response to message #23
>launched the.fanfiction universe. And FanFiction.net. And
>TheForce.NET. And AO3. And DeviantArt. MILLIONS contribute to an
>expanding universe of ideas Your inital work was so inclusive and
>subversive. So much so, that this revolution in writing and
>storytelling has been driven by our most vunerable: children, women,
>GLBT, trans, and poly communities. Never have the silent had so much
>power or voice.
>So please, celebrate your victories --you spawned the the greatest
>expansion of the written word in history. UF deserve to be marked
>down, shouted from the electronic rooftops, and never, ever,

... Gosh.

I can't help but think that might be overstating the matter a bit, but I do sincerely appreciate the compliment, and I'm pleased to think that our work could mean so much. In all honesty, it's never been intended to have Particular Significance; we just... do what we think is right. I'm sorry, I'm a little overwhelmed (particularly as I'm coming to it very late in a long day).

Thank you, and everybody else in this thread too, for your support. Especially at a time like this (both in terms of world events and because, let's face it, it's been a pretty dry spell lately), it helps a lot.

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