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#36, RE: UF's 25th anniversary...
Posted by FnordChan on Nov-15-16 at 10:38 AM
In response to message #27
>We'll miss the precise anniversary by a few
>hours—according to the time stamp on the original USENET post
>introducing it, Core 1 went up on rec.arts.anime and rec.arts.comics
>at five past midnight Worcester time* on Thursday, November 14,
>1991—but we should at least be able to hit the same calendar

In case anyone is interested, I'm delurking to provide a link to the original Usenet announcement for Undocumented Features, courtesy of Google Groups. I'll resist the urge to simply paste in the original announcement in full, not least because the proper .sig file formatting is maintained with Google's "Show Original" option.

Gryphon, I apologize if I'm stealing your thunder by providing the original announcement; I was wondering if it would be posted as part of the anniversary festivities, but then, having spent entire moments digging it up in Google Groups, got impatient and decided to go ahead and share. Also, for what it's worth, I'd certainly be interested to see all of the original Usenet announcements for the Core UF stories to be made available on the Core page.

(That said, I'm certainly glad that the comments I made on Usenet in the mid-90s have been lost to time and obscurity, so it may be that you'd rather just let those posts lie, in which case I apologize for dredging up this particular bit of history.)

Finally, and most importantly, congratulations on a quarter of a century of Undocumented Features! While I came to the original series a bit late - I think I first abused long-distance dial-up one summer home from college to download UF in 1993 - I've been a great fan of UF, and all the rest of the Eyrie Productions universes, ever since. And, as much as I enjoy all of the later stories that you've all written, I particularly love the way that the original Undocumented Features captures the experience of being a geek and anime fan on campus in the early 90s.

Also, while rec.arts.anime.stories is what got me started with fanfiction, Undocumented Features is what really cemented my love of, as was said in the original UF intro, "write yer own". To this day I spend more time on AO3 than is probably strictly necessary - not to mention keeping an eye out for the latest work here at EPU! - and I owe a lot of that to the original Undocumented Features.

Again: Congratulations! We're all looking forward to many more years of UF and EPU to come.