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#7, RE: UF's 25th anniversary...
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-10-16 at 12:08 PM
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>How can so many people be so goddamn stupid?

One common thread I saw in a lot of the Twitter reactions (before I turned it off as a detriment to my health) is that people who are horrified by this result don't seem to understand that many of the things they take as the worst facets of the Chump campaign are the best features to many of the people who voted for him. Take, as an example, my mother, who is eagerly anticipating mass deportations, closed borders, some kind of crackdown on Sexual Deviants, the re-in-their-place-ment of Uppity Women and Minorities, a renewal of the War on Drugs, abandonment of any and all international commitments (especially those regarding trade, environmental matters, or the defense of countries that are not the United States), and—if it can be arranged—the enforced reintroduction of Christian religious observance in public schools. And, naturally, the general trampling of anyone who objects to any of the above, because they clearly Do Not Love Their Country and shouldn't even really be allowed to live here. Oh, and jus soli citizenship is right the fuck out.

(I was part of that cellular consortium for several months in the winter and spring of 1972-73! I know, I can't figure it either. Not why she's like that, but how in the world I'm not. I mean, genetics aside, I've lived in Red Maine for most of my life. How am I not a racist redneck fuck too?)

Anyway, the point is, she wants all of that, and she's convinced that Mr. Chump will give it to her. And if he grabs a few unsuspecting women along the way, well, their fault for not dodging. What were they expecting to happen, going around owning a pair of knockers like that? (Seriously, she's a woman and she thinks this way. The full "well you should have known better than to dress like that.")

Looked at another way, this is Old White America saying, "Not like this, not like this! If I'm going down I'm taking you bastards with me!" to the rest of the country, and still having enough electoral mass to make it stick. I'm upset by it, but I can't say I am or was ever surprised. I learned long ago never, ever to underestimate this country's ability to stab itself in the leg, then insist through gritted teeth that everything is fine and it's all going according to plan.

Also, I think Democratic primary voters grievously underestimated how very much, and for how very long, many people have hated the Clintons. They kept it in mind in 2008, which is why they went with Barry even though at the time, he seemed like an even longer shot. Figured it had been long enough this time. Silly of them. It will never have been long enough.

Also also, the numbers suggest that she appealed to too many people who, possibly because consumed by their postmodern ennui, didn't bother voting for her.

Also also also, the fucking Electoral College strikes again.

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