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#11, RE: UF Universe Trivia
Posted by Matrix Dragon on Jun-09-17 at 00:31 AM
In response to message #7
>They weren't off by far. If they had come to 2017, presumably the
>first thing they would've done is score an unlocked iPhone on eBay and
>then jack up Apple Wallet. (I assume this is standard procedure for
>Starfleet undercover operations in semi-advanced uncontacted

During a time travel adventure in season 3 of Enterprise, Archer and T'Pol convinced an ATM that it needed to hand over a lot of notes. And I'm pretty sure the time Voyager ended up in the 90s, they just told the Replicator to magic them up some money, because of course they happened to have that on file.

This leads to the mental image of them all having the same serial number, and Janeway getting busted for counterfeiting.

Matrix Dragon, J. Random Nutter