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#18, RE: A question on Dyson Spheres & UF
Posted by zwol on Nov-30-17 at 09:14 PM
In response to message #15
LAST EDITED ON Nov-30-17 AT 09:14 PM (EST)
>(In the course of that same semi-shithammered discussion with the
>Chief, Don opined that the sphere must be some kind of engineering
>demonstration, because, he argued, any civilization technically
>advanced enough to construct one would long since have progressed past
>the point of having any practical use for it, to wit: the Time Lords
>don't even have one, and the Time Lords have one of feckin'

I like this explanation, not least because it reminds me of an incident from elsewhere: I lurk on a "panfandom" crossover RPG site over on Dreamwidth. Some years ago, there was a plot arc involving Ray Stantz (yes, that one) needing to repair some piece of ancient technology from Steven King's Dark Tower setting. Not being born yesterday, he asked the Doctor (yes, that one) for advice.

"I can't help you with that," the Doctor said, "I've heard of the Beam generators but they're legendary even to the Time Lords."

"That may be the most terrifying thing you could possibly have said," Ray replied.