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#0, Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Chris Redfield on Jun-10-01 at 02:06 PM
I'm tired of sorting through the old thread, so here is a brand new one (yeah).

Anyway, in the other thread, people mentioned being concerned about Kaitlyn's abilities with the sword. Personally, I don't have any problem with the way that worked. It was made very apparent that she was practicing for 2 hours every day, while her opponent appeared to be very out of sorts mentally and physically. I don't think it would be an issue given those conditions for her to defeat him.

The one aspect of her abilities that DOES bother me (just a little) is the pack of 15 year olds in a rather succesful band. It isn't impossible I'll admit, but it is a little far fetched, and on top of other things a little hard for me to swallow. Then again, since it isn't like they are being handed record deals and galactic tours or anything like that, so maybe it isn't so bad after all. I will say that aspect of things would annoy me before her swordsmanship.

Whoa! What IS it?!