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#12, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Griever on Jun-11-01 at 10:49 AM
In response to message #3
>I sort of got to rambling in my statement, I guess what it ultimately
>comes down to is: I have a greater problem accepting her successful
>band (note not her own personal music talents) than her abilities with
>a sword, however I can roll with it and am salivating in anticipation
>for the next installment

Hey , no worries .

>>-thread unrelated-
>>How's Jill Valentine doing?
>Jill is having a terrible time getting out of Raccoon city now that
>I've finally picked up RE3. Happily, the Dreamcast version gives you
>all her outfits from the start, so its Meter Reader Jill versus the
>Nemisis :D

(machinegun and pistol fire in the background)
Jill:DIE bastard , DIE DIE DIE !!!
(Nemesis falls to the ground as Carlos , Jill and Griever blow it full of
Carlos:That enough for ya?
(Nemesis starts to get up -again-)
Griever : I think that's a 'no' . DAMN IT , it just won't go down .
(the three start running away as Nemesis gets to his feet )
Nemesis(screaming )RUN FOREST, RUN!!!!

>PS: Never EVER read the Resident Evil novels

Wasn't going to , but thanks for the warning anyway .

the man with the silver .357 :)
(a man can dream , can't he?)