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#13, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Star Ranger4 on Jun-11-01 at 01:55 PM
In response to message #11
>(That's "Gryphon".)
>Well, "Silver Thunderbird" isn't exactly accurate, as Kate herself
>points out; it's an old song, and she likes it because of the image of
>her father as "cool guy with cool car" that it evokes in her mind,
>even though Dad's more of a black Cadillac man himself.
>The car Corwin arrives in is neither silver nor a Thunderbird - it's a
>black 2041 Griffon Mark II limousine.

Ah, the wonders of spellcheck. I've grown so reliant on the darn thing I've forgotten how to spell on my onw. ^o^

I guess I really did read to much into her singing thunderbird, maybe because I love the song too... cause when I read the description of the car, (especially the line about all the chrome) I thought it was. ::shrug::


Vaughn doesn't know I exist. I guess this explains why the rest of reality keeps ignoring me as well. >_<