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#19, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Chris Redfield on Jun-12-01 at 10:11 AM
In response to message #18
>>Didn't surprise me for long, really, just took a few to come to terms with how >'productive' Gryph and Skuld were with only one night in the tent<I mean, it >took him and Kei 400 odd years after all>
>Not really, Detians have have enough biocontrol to prevent pregnancy,
>but Kei was with Ben for the first time in a century, so it's
>understandable she forgot about it when she became pregant with Kate.
>Skuld probably has the same ability, but she seems to have had no
>problem with having Corwin.
>Matrix Dragon
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I figure whatever mystical methods gods have to prevent pregnancy just weren't that important considiring the world had a very good chance of ending in the morning.

Whoa! What IS it?!