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#3, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Chris Redfield on Jun-10-01 at 05:37 PM
In response to message #1
>>The one aspect of her abilities that DOES bother me (just a little) is
>>the pack of 15 year olds in a rather succesful band. It isn't
>>impossible I'll admit, but it is a little far fetched, and on top of
>>other things a little hard for me to swallow. Then again, since it
>>isn't like they are being handed record deals and galactic tours or
>>anything like that, so maybe it isn't so bad after all. I will say
>>that aspect of things would annoy me before her swordsmanship.
>Hey , if you're reading a fanfic as deeply entrenched in anime
>backgrounds as this one is you shouldn't really be bothered with
>something like that.

I sort of got to rambling in my statement, I guess what it ultimately comes down to is: I have a greater problem accepting her successful band (note not her own personal music talents) than her abilities with a sword, however I can roll with it and am salivating in anticipation for the next installment

>-thread unrelated-
>How's Jill Valentine doing?

Jill is having a terrible time getting out of Raccoon city now that I've finally picked up RE3. Happily, the Dreamcast version gives you all her outfits from the start, so its Meter Reader Jill versus the Nemisis :D

Whoa! What IS it?!

PS: Never EVER read the Resident Evil novels