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#30, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Gryphon on Jun-13-01 at 03:45 AM
In response to message #29
>>Technically, that would make him Champion of Tomorrow's ,

Hey, that's cool - if you quote back something with square brackets put in using the ampersand-semicolon codes, they're just quoted back rendered as square brackets, which means DCF takes them for markup and ignores them.

Zoner, fix that. (And why are some people's quoteback wrapping oddly? Is that a browser thing?)

>"Scary thought; Pokemon in UF."

Been thought of already. Probably appear someday. I had an amusing dream at Katsucon last year where I had a pikachu, and people kept coming up to me and wanting to have it fight their pokemon, and I had to keep explaining that I wasn't into that kind of scene and Sparky was just a pet, not a gladiator or anything.

The next night I had that same dream again, except instead of a pikachu, I had the redheaded ninja (Sakura) from Ninja Cadets!.

But the Pokemon meme persisted, so all she could say was stuff like, "Ninja. Ninja nin nin ja nin? Ja, nin ninja."

Sometimes it's hard living in my head.

'Course, I was sick that whole weekend, and they say fever does odd things to dreams. At least I didn't inadvertently summon Kyouichi Saionji.[1]

[1]Though, being uninvolved with that whole thing he's obsessed with, I'd probably get along OK with him. He's a funny guy when he's not out of his mind.
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