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#32, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Matrix Dragon on Jun-13-01 at 07:25 PM
In response to message #30
>Been thought of already. Probably appear someday. I had an amusing dream at >Katsucon last year where I had a pikachu, and people kept coming up to me and >wanting to have it fight their pokemon, and I had to keep explaining that I >wasn't into that kind of scene and Sparky was just a pet, not a gladiator or >anything.

Cool, bizzare dreams that could help to create stories. That always happens to me. Not that my stories always turn out good mind you.... Although I'm kinda curious to see how you'd fit this one in. I'm still impressed with Rednecks effort with Hy'ruul.

>Sometimes it's hard living in my head.

I know that feeling.

Matrix Dragon
"Pika, Pika BOOM!"
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