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#34, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Zenigame on Jun-16-01 at 07:59 PM
In response to message #33
Somebody should make a Pokemon mod for MechwarriorIII (IV doesn't have 'killable' infantry) .
I can see it now ,steering a Madcat into a heard of Pikachus .
(my , aren't we bloodthirsty today)

As you might guess from my post name, I'm a poke'mon fan, so I'd be more likely to be interested in a mod that produced poke'mon-themed mechs. n_n

Speaking of Quake, I've seen skins for it (well, for Elite Force, but I understand the skins were converted from Quake skins) for Ash and Team Rocket; I'm still waiting for poke'mon skins, though (which'd be harder, because you don't have a human frame to build the animation on). Ah, to vaporize Borg as a Bulbasaur (or, for those who insist on picking on the poke'mon, you could always go up against a half-dozen pikabots with your weapon of choice...)