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#35, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Griever on Jun-17-01 at 04:11 PM
In response to message #34

>As you might guess from my post name, I'm a poke'mon fan, so I'd be
>more likely to be interested in a mod that produced poke'mon-themed
>mechs. n_n

Like what ? Take a MechwarriorIII Puma and replace model with one of a Pikachu maybe . The twin PPCs?
Or if you'd like 'realistic' electric discharge effects you should take one of the first two Earthsiege games , replace model of choice and then put an ELF on it . That'd be fun .
Course , I still prefer the idea of replacing the infantry models in MW3 with Pikachu models but that's just personal preference .

and I'm a FF fan so give me a flight sim with the Ragnarok in it (the Highwind or the Falcon would do too , I guess , but the Ragnarok is still better ).The frame , the weapons , the ... oh hell .
Go see 'Kick butt vehicle/mecha/fighter' if interested.