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#7, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by truss on Jun-10-01 at 11:05 PM
In response to message #5
>Eh... they're not that big a deal. They have records and t-shirts to
>sell at their shows,

...which were pressed/printed with money out of their own pockets, probably saved up for by eating Maruchan Ramen a couple of times per week... :)

> but they don't have a distribution deal or
>anything. They play a show or so a month, usually locally - the
>Toronto thing was the first time they'd ever played that far afield,
>and came as a result of a recommendation that a friend of Devlin's in
>a local college band made.

Yup. Bands which have Truly Made It don't play Sir Morgan's Dive. ;)

And, it should be noted, they did just barely better than breakeven -- if that -- on the Toronto show in Wounded Rose. They did it mostly because it was fun... which is the whole point of the exercise, as far as they're concerned.