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#9, RE: Kaitlyn's abilities
Posted by Star Ranger4 on Jun-11-01 at 00:18 AM
In response to message #3
well, lets see... We have the daughter of not one, but TWO of THE movers and shakers of the universe, and you have a problem with them being a successfull band at 15?

I'm not... didn't stretch the bounds of disbelief to me at all.

The only point where I was Truly caught off guard and going WHA was when it was her brother Corwin who got out of the Silver Thunderbird, not Griffon himself. Then again, I may have read to much into Kait's singing silver thunderbird earlier.

Which raises an interesting question... Does Omega 3 pass itself along to children?

I'm probobly most concerned by the appearance of god marks on her brother... makes me wonder just what happens in the final seal of Twilight, AND I CANT ASK CAUSE ITS NOT ALLOWED ::boo hoo::