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#0, Baseball!?!
Posted by Chris Redfield on Jun-10-01 at 02:14 PM
Generally speaking, I hate baseball. I don't enjoy the sport at all. I don't enjoy playing it, I don't enjoy watching it (with the single exception of actually being at the stadium), and I don't like how it used to pre-empt the cartoons I used to watch on WGN.

That said, the baseball section of Wounded Rose was entertaining. I lost my focus once or twice on that section, but it isn't uncommon for me to have a trainwreck of thought every once in a while so I won't hold it against the story. I think what really let me connect with that section was how well the story conveyed the sense of being there (which as I noted above is the only time I've ever enjoyed baseball).

Definately good work.

Whoa! What IS it?!