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#1, RE: Baseball!?!
Posted by Gryphon on Jun-10-01 at 05:17 PM
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>Generally speaking, I hate baseball. I don't enjoy the sport at all.
>I don't enjoy playing it, I don't enjoy watching it (with the single
>exception of actually being at the stadium), and I don't like how it
>used to pre-empt the cartoons I used to watch on WGN.

Whoa, weird. I used to hate baseball (and still have a kind of comical grudge against the Cubs) for that exact reason. Our local cable company in West Boondock, Maine carried WGN, and back when I was little, Wrigley Field didn't have lights, so the Cubs were constantly displacing Superfriends. :)

That changed about five years ago, when I was in California. I was sitting around one afternoon in a very strange mental state, not wanting to go to work, surfing the dial, and came across a Giants game. Two hours later I'd finished thoroughly enjoying it, and felt very puzzled for some time. Since then I've been a fan of the game.

>Definately good work.


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