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#12, RE: A query on plot details...
Posted by goldenfire on May-28-01 at 11:14 PM
In response to message #11
><blink> Would that be Aahz of the Myth Books Aahz? 'Cause if it is,
>I'm gonna be fairly floored at running into someone who's read those

I went to high school with Danny Asprin...Robert's son
Of course, I didn't realize this until just before I graduated, but still...

I've also seen the (old site) of M.Y.T.H. inc...at least, that's what it was labelled, but it dissappeard several years ago, now...and I haven't lived in Ann Arbor (MI) since shortly thereafter, so goodness only knows where it went

and, oh yes, I've read all the books but sweet Mythery of Life...I've also read just about every thieves' world book (if that's the right title for the series...it's the ones R. Asprin edited)