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#5, RE: A query on plot details...
Posted by Griever on May-24-01 at 04:19 PM
In response to message #2
>dear lord.. we've accompanied the Wedge Rats through Ragnarok, and we
>STILL haven't met this prophesied evil?

OK , now you've done it . That little remark might
have been enough to tip the eternal scales of balance.
Now the Powers that Be at Eyrie ar probably going to try
to balance them again by flinging the UF universe into
yet another struggle Good vs. Evil .
And we're gonna have to read it all .
Ahh , the fate of the addicted .

>I'm scared.
>terrified, in fact.
>I think I'm going to have some more coffee now, thanks.
Don't mention it .

" And even the moon lies to you
When she shines " - ..Of Dream and Drama