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#10, RE: UF, the soundtrack
Posted by Mephron on Apr-26-01 at 12:23 PM
In response to message #9
>*shrug* I only know what's available publicly. So until I manage to
>develop long-range telepathy or send the Dial-A-Ninjas out to rummage
>through your files, I work with the cues named. Such is life.

1-800-Ninja-Me. For all your infiltration and IT service needs. SD Ninjas available for Sanrio infiltrations. Or pick up an order from your nearest Ninja Burger.

>-Fnord Records, music that picks your head up and won't give it back.

Oh, like I'm using it.

Geoff Depew - Mephron
"I think I sprained my anterior lobe just thinking about it."