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#13, SKWEEEEEKrrkkkweequeRUNK--wheeet!whio thud.
Posted by ArekRashan on May-29-01 at 06:34 AM
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LAST EDITED ON May-29-01 AT 06:42 AM (EDT)

Are these doors still there? Can some poor unsuspecting Wedge Rat be
[duped|bribed|brainwashed|hacked] into recording this sound?

'Cause it should go on the soundtrack for UF:Core.

(Creepily enough, I hadn't looked at Core 1 in at _least_ 2 years and
I was able to reconstruct the "SKWEEEEEK" and the "wheeet!whio thud." from
memory. That "rrkkkweequeRUNK--", though, that I had to look up.)

"May I be excused? My brain is full."