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#5, RE: UF, the soundtrack
Posted by Mister Fnord on Apr-13-01 at 00:50 AM
In response to message #4
Well, that explains why I couldn't find the damn thing. Ah well, 90% of a soundtrack is better than none, and the remainder works quite nicely as a mix anyway.

Now that that mystery has been solved, onward. To bigger and better things! To completely deplete my supply of blank CDs! To more UF mix CDs! :)

'S too bad that Core #2 and #3 are pretty much denuded of music cues. Core #4 should make for a good mix, though. And I am going to have to put together a Rite of Passage disc, if only to hear the transition from James Horner to Pop Will Eat Itself to TMBG. There's just something truly twisted about that selection. I'm proud to be a witness. %)

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