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#4, RE: Re: HoloDECs
Posted by Blob on Apr-17-01 at 04:34 PM
In response to message #3

>Imperial Stormtroopers fire at Kirk-era redshirts. What happens?

*THINK* *THINK* I've got it! The stormtroopers would miss, because they couldn't hit the board of a planet if their lifes dependet on it. But, the redshirts would die anyway, because they're redshirts and that is way the Universe works.

Valkyries I saw, coming from afar,
Eagerly riding to aid the Goths;
Skuld bore one shield, Skogul another
Gunn, Hild, Gondul and Spearskogul:
Duly have I named the daughters of Odhinn,
The valiant riders the Valkyries.