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#1, RE: Charlie Watts, 1941 - 2021
Posted by MoonEyes on Aug-28-21 at 05:32 AM
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I realized that the "punched Mick Jagger out a window" part was a bit vague, so I thought I'd expand upon it.

So, according to Keith Richards, the story goes that Jagger had a certain tendency to rag on Charlie Watts, suffering from "singer in a famous band"-syndrome. He'd on at least one occasion told Charlie that "you needn't worry about that, you're just my drummer" and had also called him "my fucking drummer" behind his back a few times.
Well, on this particular occasion, they'd been on tour, and Jagger had been out on the town getting absolutely plastered. And so, he returned to the hotel and called up Charlie's room, blaring about "where's my fucking drummer" on the phone.

So, Charlie had gotten out of bed. He'd shaved, and put on after-shave. Slipped into one of his Savile Row suits(Charlie was known for being one of the best dressed men in the world). Put on shined shoes. And then walked down to Jagger's room. He'd opened the door, not bothering to knock, walked over to Jagger....and then grabbed him with one hand and punched the absolute SHIT out of him with the other. Jagger had gone over backwards over a table filled with snacks and the like and nearly tumbled out the opened window behind him and into the canal outside the hotel.

He'd then stood over Jagger and told him, "Don't you ever call me your fucking drummer again. You're my fucking singer!"

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