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#0, Extracurricular Sci-fi Reading
Posted by Terminus Est on Sep-22-21 at 04:48 AM
So, I've just happened upon the Deathworlders/Jenkinsverse stuff, and I'm about ten chapters into what I assume to be the core. Which is when I started noticing a notice that I should really go read this other thing first, and that leads to a whole list of other stuff that should be read between chapters... and I've already skipped a LOT of it.

So, I have two questions. Well, three, but two are related. One: Is the whole thing worth finishing? Two: Are there problems regarding the author(s) I need to know about which may influence the answer to One? And Three: Should I stop where I am and go back for the stuff I accidentally skipped?

I apologize for bringing up stuff from offsite, but I'm a datavore who's been starved of fresh input (my usual supply of books dried up on me; such is the unhappy fate of a very poor man's shoulder parrotry).