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#1, RE: Extracurricular Sci-fi Reading
Posted by The Traitor on Sep-22-21 at 06:00 AM
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It stops being about the stated premise completely after a while. Instead it's just The Adventures Of Gigantic Space Gym Bros. Indeed, it goes out of its way to not be about how Earth just makes people into badasses by the galactic reckoning, but instead about how eugenics Works And Is Good Actually. Also, don't get attached to how the Gaori act in the early chapters. They get swept up in the testosterone meathead military-fetishist ramblings of the primary author, just like the humans... and the Corti. I binged the primary archives over the summer and it is just not worth the effort.

If you're gonna read something long, and you happen to be into Pokey Men, I recommend Ashes Of The Past instead. In my view it's much more interesting of a story, and it features far less sweaty gym bros.

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