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#2, RE: Extracurricular Sci-fi Reading
Posted by Terminus Est on Sep-22-21 at 10:56 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Sep-22-21 AT 10:57 PM (EDT)
Hmm. I'm not a long way into it, but what I've seen so far was entertaining and had decent worldbuilding. Knowing that it tapers off into meatheadery is a definite downer. I had hoped that the early take on eugenics - that it was Bad, and produced Bad Things, would prevail longer term. I guess I'll try to pick a dropping point, when I start seeing it taking that turn.

As for the Pokey Mans recommendation, I must admit I'm only an extremely casual fan. Played part of one game and watched some youtube parodies type fan. But I'm willing to give almost anything a shot.

ETA: Also, I'm glad to see you're still alive and kicking after your brush with the 'rona.