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#0, So, I braved the Malls today...
Posted by goldenfire on Nov-23-01 at 11:07 PM
Well, ok...I was drageged by the inlaws, but I got nifty toys for my computer

not the point, however

At one point, we're walking around this small mall I hadn't been to before. As the various females in the shopping party go into a store to look around, I happen to look over a few stores...and what do I see?

ParaAAAAAAAade of ShooooOOOOOooes

much breakage, of course, ensued...
then? well, then I had to explain to the inlaws, who are not computer people, nor anime people, exactly why I alsmost collapsed to my knees laughing, in the middle of the mall

needless to say, despite never having known Derek, it made my day much happier

Just thought I'd share
(P.S. thanks, Derek)