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#18, RE: ... yeah
Posted by Offsides on Sep-27-19 at 02:41 PM
In response to message #15
>And... now a third antibiotic, since 10 days of clindamycin
>knocked the infection down but didn't kill it. This time we're trying
>cephalexin, which did a good job on the UTI I had immediately
the knee incident, but was all gone by the time that
>infection developed.

Yikes! I spent a weekend on vancomycin IVs every 12 hours for cellulitis from an infected toe(nail), and then doxycycline as a followup. I'm glad I didn't need to go further than that, especially since I'm allergic to cephalosporins so they're right out. I hope this one kills it for good this time!


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