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#19, oh, fuck's sake
Posted by Gryphon on Sep-30-19 at 02:12 AM
In response to message #11
LAST EDITED ON Sep-30-19 AT 02:14 AM (EDT)
On the last day of the Keflex, I managed to slip in the shower and wrench my bad knee even more. Another ER visit, more x-rays, still no breakages, but the knee sprain—which had only partially healed—now hurts worse than it did when I originally did it. I can barely put any weight on that leg at all, and the tramadol couldn't hack the new pain level. So at the ER, they gave me an immobilizer splint...

... which I can't put on or take off without help,

and some hydrocodone...

... which seems to do nothing.

That last part is not a particular surprise. Every single time I've been prescribed hydrocodone in my life, it's been completely ineffective. I seriously cannot understand why anyone would ever bother taking this stuff long enough to get addicted to it. It does nothing! Doesn't even make me drowsy. Certainly doesn't relieve any pain.

Just starting to show signs of incipient recovery after a solid month of misery, and I manage to go and set myself back to worse than I started (except hopefully without another infection this time, since I didn't actually fall down).

Fuck my life!

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