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#24, RE: oh, fuck's sake
Posted by Offsides on Oct-03-19 at 09:52 AM
In response to message #21
>As a bonus, having been switched from tramadol (which seemed to have
>stopped working) to hydrocodone (which never worked) yesterday, I
>spent last night alternately having lurid nightmares and lying awake
>feeling really, really weird, which I suspect but cannot prove
>was a minor-league withdrawal reaction. So I'm not switching back to

Ooo... I remember that. I was given percocet (oxycodone + acetaminophen) after my shoulder surgery, and while it did help with the pain, after a couple days I started having serious physical hallucinations. As in, I'm stuck in an immobilizer sling under strict orders not to move my upper arm/shoulder at all, and I felt like my arms and legs were just randomly flying all over the place. Combined with an inability to sleep properly (just lying there in a twilight state) I said no thanks and cut it out altogether for just tylenol + ibuprofen. Pain sucks, but I'd rather be coherent and in a right state of mind (well, at least as much as I ever am :)) than mentally out in the cosmos. At this point I can take a half pill (and that's at the lowest dose) without mental side effects and did so to help with the early days of PT, but I intend to avoid it in the future as much as possible.

Seriously, tell the doc that the hydrocodone is causing you hallucinations and remind them about the inadvisability of taking ibuprofen, and ask if there's anything different available. If necessary, see about a referral to a pain management clinic, where they tend to be better about sorting out the "I'm just here for the narcotics" people from the "I don't want drugs, I just want to stop hurting!" folks...

Good luck, and I hope your knee gets better.


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