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#0, The Scott Brothers Duo
Posted by Gryphon on Aug-24-20 at 02:41 AM
LAST EDITED ON Sep-26-20 AT 00:57 AM (EDT)
It's like the music gods specifically created this man's body of work as a personal gift to me.

EDIT: Since I made that post I've explored the rest of the Scott Brothers' YT channel, bought a bunch of their CDs, and generally become a huge fan of the whole operation. Tom, the younger brother, is a talented pianist in his own right, and also the video and sound guy, so even when he's not on screen, he's making the channel happen. Also, and it's not weird for me to say this, the rapport they have when they're playing duets makes me slightly wistful about being an only child for one of the very few times in my life.

They're good lads, is what I'm saying. If you're at all into the sort of music they do, or even think you might like to be, dive in. I particularly recommend their harmonium playlist for a look at a thing I had no idea was a Serious Concert Instrument.

Also, this is my favorite of their piano duet videos, because I love the staging. I mean, I know they had to arrange it in advance and set up the cameras and all, but I love the impression that two somberly dressed young men just walked into a piano store, played this piece, and then left. :)

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