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#2, concert!
Posted by Gryphon on Sep-26-20 at 00:49 AM
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Just FYI, in the hope that my original post may have led to me not being the only Scott Bros fan on the boards:

Jonathan will be streaming a concert from Évreux Cathedral in France at 2 o'clock (Eastern time) this (Saturday) afternoon, following on from the one he did a couple of weeks ago at Propsteillirche St. Mariae Geburt in Kempen, Germany, which I totally didn't think to post about before it happened.

Since it's looking more and more like the UK will be spiraling back into viral lockdown as the autumn wears on, we may not get many more of these European dates, although I'm sure he and Tom will keep performing from their usual haunts in greater Manchester as they did during the spring/summer phase.

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