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#0, philanthropic idea (NSFW?)
Posted by Gryphon on Nov-29-20 at 06:42 PM
An international charitable foundation dedicated to providing no-cost remedial education in human reproduction and related topics for the worldwide community of creators of pornographic fan art, the vast majority of whom have evidently never learned any of it. Topic units include, but are not limited to:

- That's Not How Hypnosis Works
- That's Not How Foreplay Works
- That's Not How Intercourse Works
- No, In Fact, That Wouldn't Feel Good at All, If It Were Even Possible, Which It's Not
- That's Not How Orgasm Works
- That's Not How Fertilization Works, Part I: Where
- That's Not How Fertilization Works, Part II: When
- That's Not How Lactation Works

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