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#9, RE: philanthropic idea (NSFW?)
Posted by ImpulsiveAlexia on Dec-05-20 at 01:29 PM
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> - That's Not How Hypnosis Works

To be fair to my colleagues, I don't think most of them are trying to depict realistic hypnotism any more than, say, the Mind Control powerset in City of Heroes is.

> - That's Not How Fertilization Works, Part I: Where
> - That's Not How Fertilization Works, Part II: When

I'm not entirely sold on dividing those up, but both are certainly needed. (Though I'd say I see more egregious "when" errors than "where".

I might also suggest a companion set to those...
- Signs of Pregnancy, Part I: Things That Are
- Signs of Pregnancy, Part II: Things That Aren't

There may also be some benefit to be had from
- An Introduction to Concealed Ovulation, or Why Safe or Unsafe Days Aren't Always


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