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#4, RE: PC parts
Posted by DaemeonX on Mar-10-21 at 12:28 PM
In response to message #2
>Hell, Lenovo themselves used to know how to do this. My trusty old
>ThinkPad W510, which I bought from the UMaine gear shop when I went
>back in 2010, has a little door on the bottom. Undo one screw, pop the
>door open, hey presto, there's the RAM. Replacing the keyboard was
>dead easy, too, because it was a modular part that came off from the
>top. By comparison, the Legion 5 doesn't even have a detachable

The newer HP laptops have the expansion ram slots above the mother board. Which means instead of taking the back cover off and slotting the ram in... you have to go in from back and remove some screws, then remove the keyboard and remove some screws, then remove some ribbon cables, then take off the plate below the keyboard, and then you can put your extra ram in place, and do everything in reverse. 1.5 to 2 hours worth of work which should take 15 minutes max.

They really don't like techs working on their shit anymore.