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#4, RE: Umm, hi.
Posted by Senji on Mar-18-19 at 10:56 AM
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Unabashedly necroing my own old thread; but I'm back.

(Incidently I think that means there hasn't been an idle-users cleanup in years)

Various crap IRL caused me to drift away around the time that Korra was being added to the multiverse (leaving a half finished threadlet in which I try and explain that making characters I've never heard of like Korra seem like real people is one of the things Gryphon is really good at; not that I've watched any Avatar since then).

Anyway, towards the end of this period of "various crap" is the thing I thought it was worth reopening this thread for - I've started gender transition and changed my name (does anyone ever look at the names in profiles anyway?) so I'm now Natalie (pronouns she/her or they/them). (I actually identify as non-binary but that's another whole confusion of fish).

If anyone has questions I'd be happy to answer them, but there's probably a better place than the introductions forum...