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#0, Fun But Unusable Mental Images dep't
Posted by Gryphon on Feb-03-11 at 11:38 PM
-- image #1

The other night I was watching Taken, which is the Exile all-badass revenge story of action movies - seriously, Liam Neeson's character could be either Gryphon or Zoner in full sleeper-agent hideout mode, circa 2340 - and I couldn't help but envision how screwed those Albanians would've been if the two (evidently-)American tourists their spotter had tagged at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport had been, say, Kate and Juri circa City of Light:

"Dad, we're going to have to finish this later," Kate said, peering thoughtfully across the courtyard into the living room window. "Some guys just broke into the place and Juri is killing them to death."

--image #2

"Anakin," said Saionji dryly, "this reminds me of the time you decided you were going to marry the queen of Naboo. Do you remember that?"

Anakin finished cutting open the elevator doors, scowled, and grumbled, "That would've worked if you hadn't stopped me, Master," before jumping into the shaft and disappearing.

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