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#11, RE: Well, That Worked dep't
Posted by JeanneHedge on May-12-13 at 07:52 PM
In response to message #9
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>And concerning Star-Crossed and Correspondence, I started reading them
>as they appeared and just didn't get the settings. I reread them
>after playing ME 1&2 and suddenly; 'Huh, that not only made much more
>sense but was much more enjoyable.' Not sure why that happened but...

I suspect it's that you didn't have the background so you weren't familiar with the characters and context on first read. Second read was better because you had that familiarity and were able to pick up on things that made it more enjoyable.

Not being a gamer, this has been a continual problem for me as the UF stories have become more and more heavily based on games. Absolutely no idea who or what they're talking about, or if I know the "who" (come characters are almost impossible to miss) I still don't have the background/context. I know there are lots of things in SA S11 stories I'm missing that no amount of internet research can fill in for me. My loss.


Jeanne Hedge
"Never give up, never surrender!"