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#32, RE: (teaser 2) S5M6 TbS2 Goodbye & Hello
Posted by Mercutio on Aug-26-13 at 01:46 AM
In response to message #31
I'm honestly still not sure what happened. I started with, like, two lines from nameless, faceless programmers in Asgard, trying to be all funny, and then I added framing materiel, and then part of my brain was all "Dude! Chejop Kejak as a cyberdecking reality ninja enforcer monk bureaucrat for the Norns, protecting the World-Engine from demon hackers with one hand while writing quarterly performance reviews with the other. YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN" and then it was half an hour later and I had, you know, a thing.

I probably should have deleted it, but I write so rarely these days I figured "Worst that can happen is people get mad."

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