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#10, RE: Toph question
Posted by Mercutio on Aug-25-13 at 01:07 AM
In response to message #9

>(probably Sokka, probably in response
>to an act of sexual aggression, 'cause hey, we're all dead now,
>why keep pretending).

You're assuming that, in life, Sokka did not provide the genetic payload that eventually turned into Lin, which remains quite the popular theory. :)

I would kind of like this to be the case, if only because I'd like for at least someone among the Gaang to not simply end up the life partner of the first person they ever kissed, and it's worth noting that Suki has been conspicuously absent from 'where are they now' information provided as part of Legend of Korra. That said, I really doubt Nickelodean is prepared to portray kissing cousins onscreen, despite that being perfectly legal for the vast majority of the people in the US. And any kind of polyamory would be RIGHT out.

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