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#3, RE: Taken by Storm: The Expanding Russian Frontier
Posted by The Traitor on Aug-30-13 at 09:50 AM
In response to message #1
Oh Christ, now you've got me thinking about Official (Likely Un)Licensed Wedding Tat for Corwin and Utena's wedding. Especially the first time Utena finds it...

"Corwin, honey? Why are you a soup tureen?"

"... And in Standard, we say 'Good morning'."

"No, seriously, we're all over a sixty-four piece set of commemorative bone china and I don't know why."

"This is the LAST TIME I will ever let Nall handle the wedding gifts."

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to hell/But I'll have all the best stories to tell" -- Frank Turner, The Ballad of Me and My Friends