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#0, On Restraining One's Inner Evil
Posted by Gryphon on Aug-31-13 at 09:50 PM
So, as I'm sure will not have eluded everyone's notice, I have a fairly powerful imp of the perverse, or maybe just a strong contrarian streak, such that one of the best ways to get me to do something is to tell me not to do it. Sometimes this is deleterious, sometimes it's actually an on-ramp to good times, and often its results can be mistaken, by those against whom they are directed, as sheer spite.

That would, for instance, most likely be the case if I went through with the project my imp proposed in response to this comment from Merc on Honeymoon by the Sea:

>You might want to dial back the "Corwin is awesome and makes all the
>ladies love him without him even trying" stuff. Just a bit. It's
>become somewhat self-congratulatory.

I flatter myself that I handled this, if not smoothly, at least without actually starting a fight about it. I didn't address the bit I just quoted directly, but acknowledged to one of the follow-ups to it that he might've had a point, though I didn't think the matter was quite as serious as all that.

Here's what my imp wanted to do instead: construct an entire series of minis entitled ______ Loves Corwin, in each of which Corwin has a wacky adventure with one of the ladies who suspect he might be all that. For instance, Toph Loves Corwin would be the raid on King Ulfgerth of Jotunheim's treasury, while Kaname Loves Corwin would detail the reason why they are barred by court order from ever going back to Fumo Fumo Land.

But I'm not gonna do that! Because I'm a grown-up and it would be, or at least seem, petty. :)

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