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#5, RE: On Restraining One's Inner Evil
Posted by Mercutio on Aug-31-13 at 10:54 PM
In response to message #4
LAST EDITED ON Aug-31-13 AT 11:04 PM (EDT)
>As somebody completely unfamiliar with the source material, I have to
>wonder which part of this explanation was supplied by Carlos, and
>which part by his hair. :)

In Night Vale, it is best to not ask these questions. Unless you want to find a single lily on your doorstep, left by the Sheriff's secret police. A week later, you will awaken blind in one eye.

You know what you did.

Keep Rat

"Lights, seen in the sky above the Arby’s. Not the glowing sign of Arby’s; something higher and beyond that. We know the difference. We’ve caught onto their game. We understand the lights-above-Arby’s game. Invaders from another world. Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here, and it’s about a hundred feet above the Arby’s."