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#18, RE: S5M6 - Relaxed Avatar with Aesir God
Posted by pjmoyer on Sep-25-13 at 04:17 PM
In response to message #17
>Some amazing artwork, there, Phil. Loved the "Four Masters", but this
>one is beyond even that.

Thank you, thank you *bows*. I have to say, the past few months have been revitalizing for my art. After about a year+ of not drawing anything at all, now I've done 7 drawings in a month and a half. I guess when inspiration finally hits, you've just gotta answer it.

... now I just need to -color- everything. blaaaah... -.-;

-- Philip

Philip J. Moyer
Contributing Writer, Editor and Artist (and Moderator) -- Eyrie Productions, Unlimited
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