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#8, RE: S5M5 - Social Triumphs and Technical Marvels
Posted by Mercutio on Sep-14-13 at 04:10 AM
In response to message #7

That thread was depressing. And hilarious. Both at the same time! Is there a word for that? It seems like the Germans would have come up with a word for that. Do you just... keep that link around? Use it when you need a good laugh?

I have only one thing to say, in response to the Ben who existed eleven years ago saying this:

>I find I don't have much patience for Serious Literary Types,

Well, uh, you've had a lot of patience with me, and despite my primary field of endeavor being tech-related, I have an honest-to-god English degree.

But fifteen or so years ago you'd have been unfortunate enough to encounter members of the Academy who were coming down from a SERIOUS bender on post-modernism and being real assholes about it; that particular school of thought produced one useful tool (deconstruction) and then wandered off into the hills to howl at the moon. Jacques Derrida destroyed an entire generations ability to think objectively about things and took a real good swing at undermining the Enlightenment while he was doing it.

Anyway, in honor of that link, I'm going to go on tumblr and be amused by people arguing heatedly over whether the new red-haired girl in tonight's episode of Legend of Korra is white or not, and then imma go to bed. Cheers.

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