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#19, RE: The Avatar and the Rose Prince
Posted by Vehrec on Sep-17-13 at 09:21 PM
In response to message #13
>>Ehhhn, I would be leery of this too-they are large and probably
>>dangerous animals-domestication doesn't happen overnight, and unless
>>there has been a concerted effort to shrink their flight-distance,
>>it's more a subject of random walks and who has or hasn't been put
>>down for chewing off the neighbor kid's head.
>I was going to engage with this, and then I remembered that you're the
>guy who started the colossal pissing match about whether or not the
>Canadians could have secretly developed a starfighter, so you know
>what, the hell with it. :)

Hey man, this time is different. I'm not saying it's impossible-just that if the neighbors start breeding tigers or polar bears, I'm leaving town before there's an accident. And my father would probably move to another state, province or district to get away from this kind of thing. He's kinda skittish when it comes to large animals.

I guess we can put this down to a generation gap or fundamentally different perspectives on storytelling. Because we definitely have major miss-matches in our expectations.